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Let's Explore the Ocean!
Lesson Plans

Background information

    First grade students voted on learning about the ocean for their 2 week inquiry study.  They also gave suggestions for areas that they were most interested in learning about.  Now the teacher's planning begins.
    After gathering available resources and creating a web site with safe links that the children could use (although some sites require an older student, parent volunteer, or the teacher to read the material), we are ready to begin our learning adventure.  The technology-based learning will take place on our classroom computers - two Macintosh Performa 5400s and 2 iMacs, which are connected to a television for better viewing, or in the computer lab.  Both locations have T1 internet access.  We are just taking a dip into the ocean and getting our feet wet though, we are not diving into an extensive study.

Day 1 & 2  Let's Learn About the Ocean!


Days 3 & 4   So Many Sea Creatures!

Day 5 & 6    Shark Attack!

Day 7 & 8   Dolphin Day

Day 9 & 10    We love whales!

Day 6  Celebrate in Our Ocean!

         Invite a Kindergarten class to learn about our ocean.

Ocean Inquiry assessment

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